My Golf Simulator Build

This is my simulator as it presently stands (showing WGT). It’s far from a finished article but the rest really is cosmetics left and this is fully functioning.

I find I give a lot of advice on Facebook so this is just a page which shows what I’ve done, how and how much it cost me to give people ideas rather than be something for people to critique. I’m personally very happy with it.

Th above picture shows the raising of some of the trusses so that I can swing all my clubs freely. You can also see the steel wire rope tension kit which I use to hang my screen from this allows me access through the garage door by folding back the screen which can be seen in the below pictures.

This fastening is bolted to the wall. I have one on the other side to hold the screen in place when in use. It works pretty well and allows plenty of flex to avoid kickback. I may replace the one on the other side with bungee fastenings in future to get the screen a bit flatter but at the moment I’m happy with these for convenience until I sort the rest of the garage. As you can see in the top picture, it doesn’t really affect the aesthetics.
Behind the screen I’ve hung a rubber backed curtain to lessen the impact and wear on the screen. A friend of mine did not do this and quickly got a wear hole. People recommend something black to help bounce back the colour.

I’ve bolted the entire right hand side to the wall to keep it fixed in place. I did think of using a wooden baton but was worried about the ball rebounding back toward me. These avoid that issue perfectly.

As you can see above (I’m yet to tidy the wires), I have my projector just back form centre and to the right of the garage. This hasn’t really affected tilt on the projection and the picture at the top is the actual quality despite the light bulb being right next to the unit.

I’m using a BenQ mx631st after seeing my pro use one for his mobile setup. It’s only £528 and produces really good quality projections for the price.

The thing I didn’t scrimp on was the mat. It’s a Tee Turf Golf Strike Mat and was £200 for 2m x 2m but it takes proper tees and has a nice strike with the ball and is cushioned enough to avoid joint pain.

The Costs So Far

  • SkyTrak £1800 (rrp £2000)
  • Projector BenQ mx631st from £528
  • Old Apple TV box from eBay £50
  • 2x2m Tee Turf Golf Strike mat from £199
  • 2.575×2.3m impact screen from £180
  • Steel Wire Rope Tension kit from £38
  • Raising of roof trusses by a local builder £300
  • Bolts and washers from Less than £20 in all

Use Tips for the SkyTrak

I will add more soon as I’m going to try and calibrate next to a trackman soon but to avoid misreads SkyTrak as you to line up the log. I’m too lazy and this can be fiddly when using a tee peg so I got a sharpie and put dots all over my ball. They has reduced misreads to next to zero. Here you can see quite a bit has come off the ball. This has largely been onto the club face rather than the screen. Looking very closely at the screen you can see some markings but you can’t see these unless your looking for them. The picture below is really up close as you can see the fibres and some of it is dirt with it being a garage.

My next step is to you some old netting I have to protect the roof from any unintentional flop shots as I gap my lob wedge. The I’m toying with the idea of getting some black soundproofing foam for the walls, more because I think it will look great rather than the need to soundproof. I also want to box in the trusses to finish off the look but again these are longer term.

Over the winter this thing has really saved my sanity given how bad the weather has been. I hope this helps you with your design.